Saturday, September 21, 2019
ImageSmith Facility

ImageSmith is located in Arden, North Carolina, just south of Asheville.

19 Walden Drive
Arden, NC 28704

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All About the Intelligent Mail Barcode

The Intelligent Mail® barcode is a height-modulated barcode designed for use in high speed, automated, mail sortation machines that allow both the Planet Code® and POSTNET barcode information to be combined into a single barcode with expanded tracking capability.

Utilizing four different states of "bars" in the Intelligent Mail® barcode allows more information to be provided in this single barcode. The four possible states are:

Tracker (neither ascender nor descender) Sample of Intellegent Mail Barcodes
Full (both ascender and descender)
Ascender only
Descender only

Choose from the following tools to decode or encode tracking and delivery point ZIP Code™ Information:

The Decoder Tool helps you convert sequence of bars into meaningful tracking and delivery point ZIP information.
The Encoder Tool helps you to generate a barcode based on tracking and delivery point ZIP® information.