Thursday, July 18, 2019
ImageSmith Facility

ImageSmith is located in Arden, North Carolina, just south of Asheville.

19 Walden Drive
Arden, NC 28704

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Rediscover the Power of Print

While online business publishing in the form of websites, blogs and social networks is still developing, the need for printed marketing materials is keeping pace. After all, the printed word has been used by people to inform, influence and persuade others since 600 B.C.

Print marketing can be anything from simple business cards or brochures to booklets, pamphlets and direct sales pieces. Print still has a place in the tool kit of today’s savvy business marketer.

In the past, most printed media was used as a form of mass communication – and was used to "blanket" a huge segment of your marketplace.

Not anymore…

Now with laser focused lists, coupled with the affordability of digital printing and computer-aided graphic design, print marketing has actually become a type of "mass customization" instead.

Print marketing materials can be used to effectively promote your message to a much smaller and tighter targeted market than was possible before.

Imagine being able to use printed materials along with QR codes (printed codes readable by mobile devices like iPads and smartphones) to direct interested customers automatically to a web page written specifically for them?

Or being able to develop a series of affordable brochures, geared to entice a select group of prospects to call your office, sign up for your newsletter or download more information about your products or services – without wasting money on those who aren’t ready to do business with you?

Few things impact your bottom line as fast as a potential customer who has their hands on one of your printed booklets, brochures or catalogs designed to capture and hold their attention.

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  • Digital Printing - Short Print Projects, POD (print on demand)
  • Offset Printing - Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Postcards
  • Binding & Finishing - Booklets, Pamphlets, Catalogs & Specialty Print Publications
  • Large Format Printing – Posters, Over-Size Color & B&W Prints

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